Treatment That Works Very Well For Me And May Help You Too

I have minor and my symptoms have included the following:
1. fatigue
2. dizziness, fainting spells/nausea
3. tingling/numbness in hands and feet
4. dark circles under eyes
5. constipation/diareaha
6. When pregnant my hemoglobin red count dropped to a 4 , needless to say I could barely function.

The only way I have found to counter this is to give my body the vitamins it needs to create new red blood cells. B/C when you have the minor, you need to make more cells more frequently so you probably do not get enough of the essential building blocks for your body to make the cells and you have to give your body extra nutrition to supplement its needs.
1. DAILY B-12 (1000)
2. DAILY Folic Acid (600)
3. Vitamin D3
4. Water (stay hydrated)

After starting this vitamin routine I literally felt better within hours. I took my first dose of B-12 in a liquid form and felt better within 15 minutes. This is the only way I know how to live with this disorder and feel normal. Do not stop taking them after you feel better or the symptoms WILL come back again. Make it a daily part of your routine, you will thank yourself later.Also best not to go vegitarian/vegan with this blood disorder b/c your body NEEDS the B-12 found in clams (highest), liver , beef and so on.... Hope this helps everyone!!!
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Thank you ! I thought I wasn't going to see my 4 kids grow up. My blood pressure bottomed out during an iron infusion and I'm ready to try something at home. I haven't tried it yet but I'm sure I can't feel any worse. Thanks for sharing that !

Thank you ...I will try this regimen for myself as well as 2 sons...I see the same symptoms in them that I had growing up...