Found It At 18

I had no idea what was wrong with me, except that I am the middle child out of 5 kids and am the only one with thalassemia. What drove my family nuts was I was always sick as a kid, much shorter then even my baby sister, Today I am 32 years old, my baby sister is 28. I am 4'9 1/2 and she is 5'4. I didnt start my period until I was 13 and when I did I literally bled heavily for like 10 days straight. at the time I was only like 85 pounds.

My mother took me to the hospital and for the longest time I was told I am severely anemic.
ok! So my husband and I got pregnant at 18 and I went to go see a specialist because of the low iron. He diagnosed me with thalassemia, except He said Major not minor. I'm confused..... So anyway My body was not producing enough nutrients to me and the baby so as my pregnancy progressed I got worse. Finally in the end I had to have a c-section because my little body wasnt capable of having my hips spread. This went on for years and I managed to have 3 more kids after.

Even though my babies were born perfectly healthy and no sign of the thal in them, I am now weaker and have seen even more specialists. Somewhere between having my first daughter and my last baby I developed epilepsy, I'm in the first stages on angina, my last blood analysis showed I might be developing leukemia (not sure if it's related) I am so fatigued all the time to the point that I had my mother n law move in to help with the 2 smaller kids because I feel like im old.

My skin has always been super pale,I know sunlight is good for the skin but I burn, however I did find that tanning in a booth helps. Just as an FYI peeps.. Eating vegetables and multivitamins don't work for squat. I took Multivitamins for years, everyday... I had my blood tested often. EXAMPLE: a typical healthy iron scoring is 30 points or above. mine is always lower than 10. The lowest I ever seen it was 2. (yes 2) I also have veins glowing on my skin whether I am hot or cold, doesn't seem to matter. Also I have a sensitivity to cold. I can be in it when i am outside but for a shower my body is perfectly ok with being in just hot water with no cold in it. I dont know why.

I was told at my last visit that my thal is minor and that the previous doc was wrong.. So if I only have minor, why does it seem like my life is cut in half. Imaybe 32 but on the inside I feel 65

any thoughts
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Umm... my mom also burns in the sun so she uses sunscreen sf 100 I thing. I was diagnosed when I was 14 or 15 ( I am 16) and as long as I remember when the sun hits me I get headaches (still does). I used to have a tan I thing but now since I dont really leave the house I am quite pale, and also I am always in pain.

It was so interesting to read this. I couldn't go out in the sun for a long time as a child because i would burn so bad. At 18 i started tanning and i don't have that problem any more well i mean i still burn but its not like burn peal turn white again. And as for sick all the time as a child i was sick all the time and my mother already dealt with my bio mom understood and just always told me that is probably that is what it is but i wasn't diagnosed until i was 18 i also have the facial deformity's its nothing bad lol and you don't even know unless you know what your looking at. My eyes are two different colors like one is blue and on is green and one has brown mixed in idk its kind of cool i guess but i am happy to know i'm not just crazy.