Hello, I am Chinese, 16 yrs old, I wear glasses (I think I am legally blind xD) and I have Thalassemia Minor Beta.

My Symptoms
* Continuous stabbing pain in my joints, bones and my chest (around my heart)
* Headaches (I also get it when the sun hits my head)
* Dizziness
* Throwing up (mainly around morning to noon)

I was diagnosed 1 or 2 years back (14 or 15). The doctors thought I was anemic (lack of iron) all these years. So they always gave me iron tables. My dad thought I had growing pain one time. So every month they took blood from me to check my iron. I think it started when I was 6 or maybe younger. So from 6 or younger I complain to my parent about chest pain then these irritating continuous stabbing pain in my joints and bones, headaches, dizziness and other headaches when sun hits my head. Dad thought I was always lying and mom tried to believe me. Once mom found out it was Thalassemia Minor Beta she thought my organs would harden because of all the iron (Just like my aunt and she is in a very bad condition), and I also did a cardiogram and there was nothing. Umm... even though we found out that I have it dad still things I am lying. Dad, one of my brothers and I have Thalassemia Minor Beta. Nothing really helps or NOTHING helps so far. Umm yesterday my cousin who is a doctor prescribed me Arcoxia 120mg (she said its really strong) so I took it and still it had not kick in and 22hr had past
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