I was diagnosed with Thalassemia when I was pregnant but they didn't specifically indicate if what kind. They just wanna make sure that my baby's dad(my partner that time) wont have the same disorder. I have been wondering all my life why do I always feel the fatigue and shortness of breath despite the fact that the test I had for my heart and lungs were clear. I can surely relate the experience when sometimes I am feeling ok (in fact I love dancing a lot) but after that I suddenly have a rapid changes in my energy level, to the point that I can't breathe at all. The feeling that I am gasping for air and I sometimes feel that I am drowning. I just want to know how to manage this kind of condition. I went to see a doctor the other day, told her about my condition however she just brushed everything I said about my condition. Instead, she said, it could be a some kind of asthma allergy because it gets worse in the summer. She prescribed inhaler and antihistamine, in which it doesn't help with the shortness of breath at all. Any advice in there guys?
mabuhayka mabuhayka
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i hope that you will find an answer that will help you Cuz i know how much u love to dance its fantastic dancing with you and hope the doctors find something to help your breathing n fatigue x<3

I hope so