I was diagnosed with thalassemia alpha recently after a year of battling fatigue, palpitations and shortness of breath. I lost my job while on short term disability. My hematologist advised that I take iron supplements and that thalassemia does not have any symptoms. They is very frustrating to me. I've battled fatigue for a while, I always catch colds or Flus ame they last much longer then they should. Í also have asthma. I wish there was a specialist in thalassemia in this area in Michigan. The doctors theft I've seen, don't talke thalassemia very seriously. I'm frustrated.
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at age 15 I went for a bike ride that night I suffered with pains in my legs circulation when I was 18 got pregnant they took my blood in my 9th month and realized my blood count dropped down to a 4!!! instead of giving me a blood transfusion they told my mom I might not live thank GOD I made it with out a transfusion but my dr was wrong in not rushing me to hospital. also when ever its so damp out my circulation hurts and gets numb in my face and through out my body and I drive a bus for a living so if im sitting in grid lock the blood starts to feel so thick in my head and ankels my feet start to cramp and in my hands and face I get little muscle spasams when blood isn't circulating right im always tired and yellow and out of breath cant exercise some times I have thala minor some people have just a traight and no symptoms to me there is major .. minor.. traight who has the right to say minor doesn't have symptoms just because I don't have a full blown case and I don't need blood does not mean I don't get symptoms every blood cell is defected and my spleen is always swollen on sonograms if every blood cell is abnormal then common sense im feeling pain if it were ten out of a hundred ok fine but everyone of my cells are bad with minor the DRS have a lot to learn yet!!!!!! and also when I sit to long the cells start to stick twice in my life it stopped in my ankle my ankle blew up had a bad foot cramp cause no flow so yes our cells stick together just like SICKLECELL