I ALMOST DIED WHEN I WAS PREGNANT for my daughter my blood count dropped down to a 4 the DRS did nothing for me one dr told my mom I might not live but thank I did. its now 23 yrs later my whole life I suffer with pains if I sit too long esp. if its really damp out through out my body I get pains even in my face u feel the blood not flowing and I get numb I cant go for long car rides the blood hurts I start getting foot cramps and my cells stick!!!!! at my ankle because my ankle blows up and then there is no blood flow and it causes a bad foot cramp my toes bend till the blood starts to flow I get dehydrated easily with wine and coffee if I have both within 12 hrs my feet cramp I cry it hurts im always tired and sometimes out of breath ive been testest for everything because the drs refuse to believe its the minor thal doing this they have a lot to yet learn!! your cells do stick together like sickle cell im afraid of a stroke
florencemartine florencemartine
41-45, F
Aug 29, 2015