Should we create a report out of the symptoms announced in this chat group?
I am a doctor, and also a Beta-Thalassemia Minor career, my children have it too, As a patient myself I have come to believe that urgent research is needed by health care professionals and that this condition is not as harmless as the medical community has declared it. It affects lives and day to day activities. We need to collect a synopses of the symptoms most people report in this and other chat groups and create a grass-root report on Beta-Thalassemia Minor, which will be much more valuable than studies by non-affected and somewhat disconnected researchers, but the report needs to be done carefully to minimize bias. Thanks
KenKalant KenKalant
51-55, M
1 Response Jan 5, 2016

There is a high school girl on this site that has a questionnaire, but I can't find it now! It details her symptoms and asks questions about yours. It might help to guide your research?