Life With Beta Thalassemia Trait

I, as well as most of my family has beta thalassemia trait.  I have read the stories on this site.  This condition is not really a big deal but you must look for a physician that understands the condition. 

I have never found the condition to impact my life, other than I do not take vitamins with iron in them.  I make sure that I get enough iron through natural foods.  My sisters and I make sure we eat a lot of dark leafy greens.  When I am feeling slow and sluggish I will eat a cup of chick peas.  Eating hummus on a regular basis seems to keep my energy up.

I have been fortunate to find a physician who understands this condition.  There are many things you can do to manage this condition with a few simple life changes.  I cannot emphasize enough - find youself a medical professional who can help you manage a diet and lifestyle that makes this condition a nonissue

Having Grandparents,Aunts, counsins, brother and sisters (40 plus people) with the condition have helped with the understanding of how diet and lifestyle impact the condition.

You too can live without being tired.

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well, i live in a boarding school and yeah, it's tired. my mother tells me to take folic acid pills everyday. but sometimes when i miss lunch or breakfast,etc. i can become very weak and tired. sometimes when i do too much activity i also have the same effect, is it because of my thalassemia or is it just me??

I've been looking around the net to figure out my condition because unfortunately my hemotologists don't tell my anything. The doc just listen to what i got to say, this leads me to think that there is nothing else but to treat my condition. The staff already know whats gonna happen to me. I'm tired of feelling sick and tired everday. Most of the time i'm tired and get the feelling to throw up. My kidney on the left been hurting for a while and now the one on the right starting to feel some pain. my heart palpitates and cramps every now and then. The Exjade i've been taking works but it has a lot of side effects, I'm happy to be a part of it because I know one day Exjade will improve from there research. My joints are super my spine pops just standing from sitting down, i'm 22 years old. People ask me why i smoke, why dont they just ask me why will i marry or have kids and i know its bad for my health. All i can say is that i was growing in an enviornment like everyone else, i have quit before and i will quit again. it sucks trying to enjoy life but on the days i do feel good is awesome which hardly comes by anymore, then my mom comes and ruins my day. I love my mom. I don't expect to be around when i hit 30 but it doesnt bother me. i will get a sport bike and own a house and if i do live to be 30 or longer i know my health wont be looking so good. Oh the qualities of life thats what humanity should be striving for, not war, not power, but happiness and prosperity for all mankind. Eat good, drink good, and be happy.

I've known I'm thal minor for all my 36 years. I was given some pretty basic advise during my early years. Eat lots of red meat and dark green veg. I've a very healthy diet, but wonder about this early advice. When you have a condition from birth it's difficult to gauge weather what you are feeling is 'normal' or not. I've always felt normal to me! That said, by comparison, I am tired and pale - like a slightly melancholy vampire!

Thanks for posting this helpful information.<br />
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it seems you have a good understanding of this issue... maybe you could answer a few questions i have, as my doctor doesnt seem to know alot about it. u mention not taking vits with iron in them, y is this an issue? i havent taken any since i was diagnosed .reviously i was taking iron pills that were completely ineefectual except to give me a stomach ache. i was tacking them because before i was diagnosed with tha. i was diagnosed with anemia. since then my iron levels have remained the same (low), and i am often very tired. this is the hardest part to live with. i am also very pale but this does not effect my life as the fatigue does. i cannot find anyone that understands what i go through as it doesnt seem to be a prevalent issue where i live, and in fact it toook years to be diagnosed because noone in my family has it and i dont think even anyone in my city lol. any info you can provide me with would be great!

Dear Lateasusual, you may know this by now, but one of your agents must carry a recessive gene before you carry one yourself. In other words, one of your parents DOES have Thalassemia Minor. Anyway, as you have read others\' blogs, we are not badly off, although we tire more easily due to less oxygen in our blood. My dad did have the trait and lived to be 91 without any major problems-although my mom thought he was lazy as he did not work as hard as others. As for me, I eat lots of veggies (especially green leafed), whole grains, legumes, nuts, very little meat, dairy, and take vitamins, D and B complex. I also walk a lot, swim and take time to rest.
Hopefully, you are managing well.

Not Defined by Thalassemia Minor (although I have the trait)