My symptoms started showing up around 29, after a viral infection carried by mosquitoes. I am now 36. My blood results were not really significant. My generalist denies me having thalasssemia altogether. A hematologist told me I might have alpha thalessemia trait like 3 years ago.

I now get joint pains, short breathe, panic attacks, palpitations, I have a low vitamin D level I try to compensate for... I feel more and more tired to the point that I fall asleep every other day without dinner.

My blood count is slightly over the normal average. I live in an area which is a bit in a moderate altitude. My iron level last time checked was ok. I do feel limited by the joint pains and oversleepy effect.

I am trying to find something to increase my stamina. I take coconut oil on and off. I would like to start folic acid maybe ? I can't keep my attention focused long enough on most important things... I would like advice on which sports to practice. I started tai chi and would like to work on my cardio. My heart condition is worrying me a lot though lately. I fear some malfunction already.

As a teen and young adult though, I never really suffered much from the thalassemia symptoms... As I get older, I fear the effects... Oh I also have to go for an operation soon... I forgot to add I ended up with a bleeding disorder. That's what's lead doctors to ask for 8 blood tests in a year... So I take longer to stop bleeding now !

The test for that improved only once after I went through 3 weeks of fasting...

Thinking about this also made me wonder just now : I had an inflammation of the pancreas once after I was suspected of having thalassemia and even if I have no spleen or liver problem diagnosed so far, I often have to eat real small portions for dinner...

But during the day, I must be careful to eat properly and on time. I do feel dizzy if I drink too much acid drinks like lemonade or pineapple juice... I also fainted recently at the movies...

I feel better to know my symptoms have an explanation somehow even if doctors or other people deny it's reality.
ZaRose ZaRose
36-40, F
Mar 7, 2016