Thalassemia Is Not Easy

I was diagnosed in 2004 after four days worth of transfussions.  I was told to plan my funeral.  It's nice that some do not have it bad as other's but it has been my experiance that, it's a hard life to live.  I get weak ALL the time, I get severe headaches, I've had test after test done, I had a spinal tap, because the headaches were sooo severe dotors thought I might have a tumor.  I went nearly a year without menstrating and during that year I felt as though i was dieing every minute of every day.  I gained over 100 pounds during pregnancy and got septic, and the second one I was hospitalized and nearly lost my life and my son's.  Thalassema is by no means an easy disease to live with, at least not for me, and I am Beta Minor.

ViGa1225 ViGa1225
26-30, F
Mar 5, 2010