A Thanatophobic Reincarnationist

I'm a very firm believer that when we die, we spend a little time in heaven and then come back, in other words, reincarnation. I've seen so much evidence for reincarnation that I find it more plausible and concrete than other theories, even evolution! (I'm an evolutionist BTW)

This newfound belief in reincarnation came out of an extreme thanatophobic episode due to the phrase YOLO (You Only Live Once, hence my username). What if you did only live once? What if there was nothingness beyond? However, it is a scientific belief that nothingness cannot exist, so there probably has to be an afterlife of some sort.

However, despite the extremely convincing evidence, and my starting regressions that yielded positive results, what if reincarnation is all a delusion and we go to nothing? Furthermore, a good 99% of people don't ever remember their past lives, and I'm scared I won't remember mine next time round, just like I didn't for the first 14 years of this life.

Remember, a firm belief in an afterlife (reading can help) can help you overcome thanatophobia.
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I'm afraid of that too.. I get into my huge black hole phase where I get all scared and can't get out a lot it's weird.. But, I've met a lover from a past life, and I think he somehow became my soulmate, so I feel connected with him, then also people have said I've eathier killed myself or was murdered in a past life so I became suicidal... And yeah. I was also a wolf before I think which brought me to being a therian.. >o< I don't know what to think anymore thought