For My Daughter

Melissa was born after a normal pregnancy, I suspected something might be wrong with the baby inside of me, no hands to feel, nor legs. But this was 1993, although sonograms were taken, no one believed anything might be wrong.
She was born after a horrible and severe hurtful delivery.
In an instant they noticed that this was no baby they had ever seen, my husband could not speak and no one showed me her.
After a while while I was stiched up and no one spoke, they showed me my small daughter, I felt so sorry for her. She was alive and crying. Melissa lived for 2 days, then she died after I held her, alone with a dying baby, no person should ever have to go to hell and back. She was diagnosed with Type II thanatoforic dysplasy
This was before the cell phones of internet, we were numb and burried her after 3 days. It took me 20 years to search for this disease and everything I found was so typical, they were not wrong. It hurts that still there are children born, the only way she could survive was she should never have been born. She was okay inside of my body, and my body still ackes and longs for her, after 20 years...Isolde
1993melissa 1993melissa
Dec 14, 2012