I'm Wiggety, Wiggety Whack!

Personally, I love that I have the ability to entertain myself. I'm not even able to count the number of times I've randomly started laughing to myself during a lecture, in a waiting room of some sort, or while I'm driving in my car.  I've become accustomed to the weird looks and awkward sideways glances I'm given during my times of hysteria. I couldn't care less!

I'm notorious for holding conversations with myself in my car; I just ramble and ramble until my head is clear--until I'm clear-headed. I'm sure I look psychotic to the passersby! Actually, I make sure automobiles aren't next to me while I'm vigorously chatting with myself. It's really uncomfortable if you're caught--I know from personal experience!

I'm probably one of the most random people in the state of Illinois. I'll shove cheerios up my nose and laugh at myself in the mirror as I blow them out. I'll pull my shorts really high up around my waist and trot around the house jabbering about nothing. I'll paint my face with tons of makeup and make funny faces for the lucky individuals present wherever I might be. I'll purposely say off-the-wall things just to observe others reactions and entertain myself. Yea, I'm pretty much whack. Wiggety, wiggety whack? No, just the regular kind...
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I talk to stuffed animals -- or even to myself -- just because I want an excuse to keep myself company when I need to. I laugh easily too, especially in my own company. I don't see what's wrong with either. I don't do the Cheerios thing, but whatever adds spice to your day!

:) I know almost all of this :D Im very good at just laughting about nothing (I also love nonsence humor like "Peolpe get very confused when sentences dont end as potatoe")<br />
Or I can sit in a train or bus with a friend of mine and wed just laught at random people :) (sounds veeeery strange I know but its fun)

"Wiggety, wiggety whack?"<br />
wow<br />
I have never heard this phrase before!

Haha, you're a wonderful person :D =)

ROFL! Love the cheerios thing! Hmmm... you gave me an idea! =}

How cute are you! Kudos for being so free!!