Entertaining Moments With Myself

My mind can be a radio whenever I want it to be. And I'll start singing along with it. I'm always dancing around. I constantly talk to myself. When I get really bored, I'll play tricks with my eyes. Lets just say that I've pretty much mastered the art of crossing only one eye... or shaking both. If there is a mirror handy.. or any reflective surface.. I'll make faces at myself. I pretty much know how to make, er, me, laugh at any time I want. And the laughing can get hysterical, you know? The whole, can't breath, slapping the table, tears rolling down the face sort of thing. People call me weird. People call me stupid. But, I don't care. I am who I am and at least I'm having fun!
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7 Responses Jul 9, 2007

Lol wow! The other day me and my best friend were laughing about the stupidest thing and we laughed for like five minutes straight, no joke! We laughed so hard for so long that my abs hurt the next day! Lol!!

:D this made me laugh. I can give myself the hysterics that go on and on about the stupidest things as well, but that's mostly when I have this "hyper" mood that I get every now and then. It can be dangerous! Once, I fell off the couch and banged my head onto the edge of a table. I was laughing so hard that the pain couldn't stop the laughter XD

Its kinda hard to do...

Lol... maybe I am! > :D

OOOO - sounds like your a bit of a contortionist!

:D Well, thank you both! The one eye thing... well... I just kept practicing. I cross both eyes and then just move one over. I started out having to look in a mirror to do it... but now I can just cross only one whenever I want! Its fun. Oh!! I can always twist my arm around and bend it!! Both arms!! By themselves or at the same time!! That really grosses people out. But... not as much as the pin/tongue thing... You know how people like to put sewing pins/needles/whatever in the top la<x>yer of skin on their hands? Well... I can do that with my tongue!! Doesn't hurt!!! Yup... now THAT is entertaining myself! (See? I told ya I was weird!!) :D

And in your story of entertaining yourself, you have completely entertained me! :P<br />
<br />
I don't know how you can do that eye thing, tho`...