I'm An Only Child Who Grew Up In ****** City

So I am my own best friend and I can entertain myself indefinitely. I have conversations/arguments* with myself... and even though they can be awkward, I love when something I’m thinking of catches me funny at a time when nothing is going on, and people look at me like “What?” and you’d rather not bother explaining since it’s not really funny when you try to explain, since its usually a “you had to be there” scenario or just an inside joke...

*usually acting out situation conversations for potential encounters/confrontations.

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I never argue with myself - oh bs yes you do - shutup<br />
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now where was I yes giggling at random times been there done that to, once during at a meeting at work because someone said something that triggered a memory that made me laff ... fortunately it was at a good time because 2 or 3 other people laff'd too! with me, because of me, or because of what was said i don't know .... but it was funny!!!


something in my head made me chuckle = ShinobiJoe <br />
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Awwwww yeeeeaaaah

I have two older brothers and I still do that haha. I'm known for starting to giggle at completely random, unfunny times because something in my head made me chuckle.