I Crack Myself Up Sometimes

If you can't entertain yourself .... I mean does that mean you have any chance of entertaining someone else? Well I find this to be not interesting at all but I am sure others will be fascinated by it?? When i relay info in stories or my blog here its stuff that i want to share ... my blog tonight was about slow pokes in the passing lane - they upset me LOL - writing about it made me laff, maybe if i am lucky someone will read it and at least crack a smile!  But slow pokes frustrate me!!! I almost wrote about it after my trip to Boston!

I laughed alot when i wrote it ... maybe someone will like it maybe not ... oh well I ENTERTAINED myself writting it LMAO  wait don't want to give you the idea that i may be having a good time writing this story .... ya guess I am not a very good liar LOL

I see humor all around me everyday ... this world we live in is full of it ... you would not believe some of the tricks pulled on me this week ... life is good lately! Don't forget about my happiness in '09 campaign!

SantanaRex SantanaRex
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5 Responses Mar 22, 2009

haha made ya laff! me silly ... awww come on LOL

ya I went up to Boston a couple weeks ago. i will have to tell you all about! I saw Coley!<br />
<br />
I am glad you support happiness! Thanks for spreading teh word Angel. <br />
<br />
se agapo! :)

u went to boston?wow cant wait to know about it<br />
support happiness-i ll tell my angels to tell more people about it.

well that would also be a form of entertainment depending on how ya do it ... LOL

I amuse myself but something else came to mind first.