School Boring But I Made Mine Fun But Not Everyones Lol

oki so i was back at school and everyone in my lessons where boring and miserable but i managed to make my own day hilaious everyone in my tutor group couldnt believe i waslaughing and hyper and so energtic at 9am but whatever i did i turned into fun like writing a story about some book called of mice and men i turned it into a comedy and whatever the characters did i would of done in real life life walk into furniture and say sorry and walk into walls and end up under them and every one laughing anywho i get distracted easliy and end up laughing at what distracted me so everyone else laughs as well i seem to put alot of smiles on peoples faces and make their day as well as my own.



the oly problem was that not all the teachers find me funny when i am in a lesson and i start randomly laughig at something  as simple as the colour of paint on the walls or something someone told me the other day i nearly always get in trouble for it, i guess it dont help whe you cant sit still for more than 5mins and you have 50min lessons 

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1 Response Sep 7, 2009

Teachers are borning they live a borning life when growen up. If you have fun in some of your classes good for you. But do not get in trouble that you are paddled in school or at home you will have trouble sitting down