Blushing Like Kids

I have holidays and these days I spend alone. But not for long, so I am trying to enjoy seclusion.

Today I woke up at 7:30am and immediately turned on my laptop. There were some offlines from my best boyfriend, Aalekh.

He wasn't online at messengers, but here, on EP he was. I sent him a mail and suddenly a box "aalekh have just signed in" appeared.

We chatted whole day and for me it's still not the end of the day.

My love is now sleeping, but he will come in the night (maybe not, coz he really needs to sleep) and we will continue in our long talks.

Today, I heard for the first time his voice.  As usual when I do or hear something for the first time, my puls rate was really in high numbers. His voice sounds like a honey, like the most brittle and the most wonderful thing in the world. It was full of gentleness and unuttered emotions.

He told me the most beautifull words: "I love you Sofi."

From this time I am happy like never.

Just wish to see him in person, to tell me this sentence on our first real date.

I love you Aalekh.

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13 Responses Jul 1, 2008

mweheeh :P you are forgiven :P

sorry to interrupted, mr bulbula and mrs bublina..xD

I know! i know! ♥

:P love u, do u know it? :P

i am shhhhhshed!

haha, maybe he will tell you, I can't say it without his permission

indonesia?india? or maybe australia...i cant think any of them.


which part of asia did your boyfriend live, bublina?

ok.. pshhhht!

I know now :P

ok :)<br />
but you didnt say that you do read them when i said that...

hehe. I thought you dont read "in love" stories :)