He Is One of a Kind.

 I truly believe, I am the luckiest girl in the world. 

My boyfriend, Kyle, and I met a year and a half ago. I was a junior in high school and he was a senior. We met on the set of our school play Grease. He played Kenickie while I was just a back up dancer. The first words he ever said to me were, "I don't know this girl but it looks like she's up to something" I fell for him right away. He had the most striking blue eyes and the clearest skin. He had tattoos and facial hair (He has started shaving that now though). He had the biggest smile and was more muscular than any guy I had dated. He was unlike anyone I had ever been with before. I was a girl that stayed out of trouble and dated the 'good boy'. 

We were practicing the high school dance scene one day. While I was 'talking' to other characters I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and he asked me to dance. I literally could NOT breathe (I would like to add here for guys, scent is EVERYTHING! Kyle smells so delicious all the time). He grabbed my hand, spun me around and we danced. We have been inseparable ever since. I should probably mention, we both were in relationships that had lasted between a year and two years when we met. I broke up with my boyfriend one of the first days after I met kyle. He broke up with his girlfriend the day before our first date.

Our first date, was not a good one. He took me to a movie (and paid) about cannibals and it was bloody (he had no idea). I hate blood and gore. I ended up turned into his shoulder the entire movie and being the sweetheart he is, offered to leave several times. At the end of the night, I really wanted that kiss but he is a gentleman and waited. The next night he came over and watched a movie with me. The nerves set in and I began rambling about who knows what when he suddenly kissed me. I assume to shut me up. I suddenly couldn't remember what I was saying. We spent the rest of the night kissing, I couldn't let him go.

Now on to the sweet things he has done for me...

Kyle loves metal music. I love country, especially Tim McGraw. He knew I hated the metal so he bought me Tim McGraw's Greatest Hits for when we are in his car. I was trying to find my favorite song on the CD (he had no idea which song it was), "It's Your Love" when he said here listen to my favorite and switched it to "It's Your Love". Since then, we have called it our song.

For Prom he built a huge sign with "Alyx Prom?" Painted on it and it was outlined in while lights. On the closing night of Grease he had the tech crew hang it and turn the lights on while we were doing out bows. When I went back to the dressing room there were two dozen pink roses and a card that sang a Tim McGraw card. After a cast party he took me home, when I got up to my room I heard something hitting my window. Kyle was waiting at my window with his guitar. He sang "It's Your Love" to me.  Then at prom he requested the DJ play "It's Your Love". :]

We have a vacant building on top of a hill that overlooks our town, park 50. Kyle took me up there one day and pulled out his car. He wrote me a beautiful song that he wrote about me. The opening line is "Since I was young I have dreamt of you..." It made me cry. He also sang it at my aunts wedding and at a choir concert in front of lots of people. He has an amazing talent. 

I love the Backstreet Boys (yes, I am 18 and still love them) and shaved ice. One day Kyle took me to get Coop's tropical ice and Backstreet Boys was playing, I didn't think anything of it. While I went to the window he stayed behind a few seconds before following. We got in the car and started driving when he began to laugh. When I asked why he said I can't believe you haven't noticed yet. I looked around and saw a ticketmaster envelope on the dashboard. Inside were two amazing tickets to the Backstreet Boys concert. At the concert we could see the sweat dripping off their faces!!

Coincidentally, Kyle has a cousin that plays drums for Tim. Kyle bought me Tim McGraw concert tickets and surprised me when his cousin got us V.I.P. tickets to see Tim perform a mini concert before hand. I got his autograph!

For my birthday he simply wrote a book full of things he loves about me, poetry about me and little love notes and pictures of us.

For Christmas, I got Kyle tickets to the Lil' Wayne concert. I thought I would out do him until I opened his gift. He reserved a hotel room in Chicago (one of my favorite places to visit, love the CUBS) and bought me tickets to Wicked (He knew I absolutely adored the play and had seen it twice before). We went around New Years Eve. On New Years Eve we watched fireworks from the Hancock building.

For our one year anniversary, Kyle bought me a ring. It looks like an engagement ring. It was really just a sweet gift. It was a 1700 dollar ring. It has diamonds around the band and it has the March birthstone. My birthday is not in march, our anniversary is. :]

Just today I had an interview and he took me to it. While I was in it he hung outside. When I came out he was holding a Tiffany & Co bag. When I opened it there was a silver ring that said I love you all around it. He bought it spur of the moment. 

There are so many things I could talk about, but I already have gone on about the things you would care to read about. I left out the stories about him making me dinner, taking me camping, or driving me around town for hours listening to tim mcgraw and eating our favorite treats. I truly believe he is the most wonderful person in the world. He cares about me and makes sure I know it. He is always there for me and will drop everything else in his life in a heartbeat when I need him. I only hope that I can be just as good to him in return. I wish that every girl can be with someone as wonderful as him. Every girl deserves to be treated this way. I am so in love.

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Love it! My fiance is equally perfect and i have spent the last few years making sure my friends dont settle for anything less. He cooks everyday and is currently rubbing my feet, he's learning finnish and swedish for me, bought me a kindle fire just because he felt like it and his mom iis my best friend. Im truly lucky and am happy there are more people out there with the perfect partner!mxx

THANKS!<br />
<br />
I just want people to know though, I put the things that shocked me up here.<br />
I didn't put that he took me camping and hiking or that he leaves me notes to come home to if I have been out of town.<br />
<br />
It is not all about the material things, because even though my entry made it sound like he is made of money but he is just like any average person. I love the sweet home made gifts and his words more than anything he could buy me.<br />
<br />
& He definitely is a keeper! :] <br />
<br />
Thanks for reading :]

thats absolutely amazing. i smiled the entire time i read that. beautiful. sounds like you've found a keeper. don't let him go ever. :D