My Best Ep Friend.

I have a wonderful EP friend who I enjoy chatting with. She is very charming, wonderful, bright, and always makes me smile. Just thinking about her makes me smile. She has definitely brighten up my time here on EP. Thank you for being my friend. :)
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I also found a girl here few days before who is probably my best friend now..she's sweet,caring,adorable...there's always a smile on my face the whole time when im talking to her...but sometimes things get so weird between us that we end up hurting each other...and I dont want to hurt her...I just want her to be happy...she's going through a very hard phase of her life...should I walk away from her life coz i think im making it more difficult for her... :'(

lucky you :D

Yes bohemainchild~ Thank you for your comment. This person does send a positive vibe but it is more than that. I feel like I can really open up to her and not be judge badly. She is a very unique person and I am happy that we have found each other.

Yes Emmagirl~very lucky!

I too have a best friend and she is amazing. Aren't we lucky?

Many Blessings. ...:)