New Man.

My hubby and I have been together since 2001, we were just 2 kids when we met, only I had a little kiddie of my own, a 1 year old boy I was studying Art, my hubby was taking Media at a different college
We were Young, wild and fun and the truth is it was turbulent for a while,
He was no saint and I never knew how to handle my emotions when it came to romance, I'm always reminded of what things were like then when I hear the Elbow song 'Perfect weather to fly'. "We would bicker and row, just figuring out how we're wired inside."
We have watched each other become adults and grown more wonderful through every experience, We have shared ideas and hopes that nobody else could ever understand. We opened up and shared all the darkness and disappointment of our past, we both had issues we struggled to escape from and we slowly but surly put each other at ease. With patience and understanding we have overcome everything a couple could and in a fashion that I am fairly proud of. I look at him today and I can say that the boy I fell in love with so deeply and recklessly is a MAN, the kind of man that we all wish for. He can feel what I can feel and respects me even when he doesn't agree with me, I feel it when he is around.
I know I sound like a dreamer but trust me this feeling did not come cheap. It took a lot out of us both and at times I thought we would have to part but all of this brings so much passion in to our relationship we can be 100% honest and he has grown to be the most trusted person in my life. Sometimes I look at him when he is stressed about bills or he is getting in to bed after a long day and I think to myself, I hope every good man is loved like I love him and that every woman that has been waiting patiently gets the chance to be safe and loved. like I am!!... To all of you that think that you should keep love at arms length, Don't do it, let it in and never stop showing love or expecting respect. We all know no body's perfect but we are perfect for each other.
ellissia ellissia
26-30, F
May 4, 2012