I'm Lucky

My fiancé is the the best. He has carried me thru thick n thin. I'm disabled vet. He has carried me thru his moms funeral as well many others in a wheel chair. I got spared, never was in in war but have lost. Feelings in my legs from wheneverbi move til wheninlay down. I get from time til timem back n forth to families houses.It has cost me to to be able to have children again because i was told to It will never happen again. Guess I'm just a 34 yrs. old with a lost cause. I loss. I couldn't get out,do I re-enlist, thinking. Was i doing good for my country when i lied to re-elistwell obviously not , I lied on an re -enlistment. By a weight infraction. Plus, I was a jokester, and I was always always pulling pranks, and I feel exetremely bad for the simple fact than was San immature person at that year and stage in my, life o
Njessen Njessen
Sep 8, 2012