I Have The Best Wife Ever

I'm from trinidad, but i have lived in the US for 20 years....I have acheived success.and I know what failure feels like..recently about a year ago..I married Melissa...she a quiet but very smart woman,she is in the process of getting her visa to live in the us... I have recently fell on hard times and was afraid to discuss the situation with her, but I know that i needed to tell her whar was happening with me financially...sceared as I was..I told her..I was broke...down and out..nothing in the bank account...sure enough I thought that a rough time was ahead...she might walk away from the relationship...after all.."money is everything" in the american society...well I told her...I'm at my lowest point in my life....to my suprise and awe...she was not too much concerned about the finances....but was more concern about our relationship..I love her so much more... more than anything...she is the best wife any man could ask for....I was so glad..that i need to tell someone..so here you go...Lesson..Love conquers all....I feeel like a mountain has lifted off my shoulder..I love you Melissa....
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Uh, ok.

good for you