Young In Mind

Whenever I am asked my age I have this overwhelming urge to say 17. I have been told I dont look my age but my body and weight belie the fact Im not a teenager anymore. In my mind I am still back in the sixties, going out every night with a differant boy, travelling miles on my own on late night trains and busses. drinking heavily and doing other things that cant be talked about here. Then the twenties hit me like a slap round the face. My two best friends got married and I found I had noone to go out with unless it was of the male persuasion and I got bored with them easier than with the latest fashion. Then I went to work in a local factory and met him. He swept me off my feet and that was it. Within eight months we were married and had moved two hundred miles away from the civilised world to Norfolk. Now when I look back I can see the stupid idiot that I was, but then I thought I was in love and I was going to be the best wife and mother I could possibly be. I made a hash of both things in a big way and caused real damage to both my husband and two daughters and all because I am and always will be 17 and in love with the only person that doesnt want my love. 

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

there's a difference between YOUNG in mind and immature and we can be immature at any age. At least you are aware that YOU are responsible for the hash you made and do not blame someone else for your own foolishness. <br><br />
I hope you find the person who truly WANTS YOUR LOVE...<br>Oh, by the way, I really enjoy "being 13" still :)

I'm 40, and my mind and body are both much younger as well. But I've also always felt an obligation to be a good brother, son, father, etc.