Boring In Here

I feel sorry for fish in a tank. I have some & I still feel sorry for them.  What could a fish write about his little life?  Daily entry " Today I swam up and down a lot. "   Daily entry,  Today I ate too many crunchy flakes & swam up &  down a lot".  Daily entry " I pooped & swam up & down a a lot".   Daily entry, My person cleaned the tank after I pooped & swam around a lot".   I feel sorry for fish in tanks.  

wiseowl wiseowl
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2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Aw! My fish is spoiled ..I buy him presents .He had a snail but played volley ball with it ..killed the snail too.I bought him a buddy to share the tank .. I bought him a reall big tank & I hope he's happier.His life span is 35 years. More then mine .:>(

there was a giant garami,who lived in a small tank in yarraville,his name was george he was 13 years old,he was bored to death,poor george