I Love My Teacher!

my dad passed away a few years ago, and we always had a bad relationship but i always cared... now that he has gone i am getting over it and started college and i have this amazing teacher that i really respect and care for i also have strong feelings for him in a really sexual way the only disturbing thing is that he reminds me of my farther... as they have al ot in common; their age both 41 and they are both from south Africa! before i thought it was just a phase and now its distrupting everything... my sleep, how i act and dress in front of him... i want to be good enough for him, i really need help before i ruin my life for someone who doesn't even know i exist
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Please add me and read my story..im probably worse than u...my daddy fantasies are not going away and I am sexually frustrated...oh God..please comment of message this is recent!