Attracted to My Dad

i didn't notice or realize until now but i think that i am attracted to my father. i grew up with divorced parents and my dad lived in another country so i never saw him during my teens but he would call me and email me time to time. i would always look through photographs of him and think of how attractive he was.. 'whats wrong with thinking your dad is goodlooking?' i always thought. in high school i used to go out with 20 something year old men and i was very sexual, looking back now i realized how much those older guys i dated looked like my father. it seemed like because i wasnt around my dad when i was young i went after older men that looked like him. my father had a mustache, i would date guys with mustaches. my father had a certain taste in music and style, i would go for the same.

i found out about electra complex and i think i have it. when i ********** or have sexual emotions, i always fantasize about my dad. when i watch ****, i search up 'daddy-daughter sex'. i know this is SO WRONG. but i cant help my brain to stop thinking sexual fantasies about my dad or men that look and act like him. is this a 'daddy problem'? does anyone feel the same way?

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I don't know if would go as far as sayin I have the Electra complex but have feelings for my father too their just not sexual and I think it comes from the fact that he performed oral on me whn I was 6 and always hoped I forfor bit here I am now 21 and I approached him on it last year and he was surprise that I even remembered. So that would be my advice find out where these feelings are clcoming from and if you want to follow thru or just let him know how you have been feeling

I feel the same way.

me too ive fantasized about my dad since i was a teen id nva act on it tho

You people need help! Seriously?? A three some with your wife and
step daughter? Laying around the house and trying to turn on daddy?

What does therapy do? How about help you understand
the cause of such feelings and how to cope with them! How about
the insight to understand what the longterm effects will be! You joke
about ELECTRA COMPLEX like it has no serious effects. Most women
who suffer with this sort of thing, never maintain a relationship! This
combined with any number of other disorders creates a psycopath.
And then lets talk about birth defects! It's not just socially, morally wrong,
but wrong NATURALLY!
I have seen what happens to a woman with the Electra Complex
in her 40's -'s not pretty - ADD SUICIDAL,
and it becomes an unending cycle...
IF I OFFENDED YOU TOUGH! But I have seen what women are
left to when they have been taken advantage of at young ages!
And I have seen them when they get older, and most do not live
fulfilling lives, they are just shells with a heartbeat.
Now what do you think you should do?

I have a stepdaughter. 17 yrs old. thin' about 110 lbs 5'6. long brown hair and C cup breast with a tightt *** and vagina. annyways i know this cause my first time alone with her whir my wife was out of town, she came on to me. im 41 about 6'0 210 lbs. penis is 8inc long 5 inch girth and i was able to takr her virginity away. My wife eventually found out...and well...we regularly have a 3 some. its amazing what courage can allow you to do.

i..i've had feelings like that before but they started when my mother died when i was 12 but the feelings ended when i met my fiance.

You cannot help how you feel. To all the people suggesting for these people to seek counseling, what in the hell is that gonna accomplish? Is the therapist going to wave a magic wand and make the sexual attraction go away?<br />
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I've got my own story, and I feel there is nothing wrong with how I feel. Let me start by saying that I am a 22 year old man and I am attracted to my dad.<br />
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I was very sexually attracted to my dad. He didn't come into my life until my 20th birthday. I moved in with him a little bit after my 21st birthday. He was short (5'6"), and fat (210 lbs), and he was absolutely gorgeous to me! He had an pacemaker/defibrillator in his chest (heart problems), and I used that as an excuse for him to take his shirt off for me, I told him I wanted to see the scar. Then I reached down, and patted him on the gut, and commented about how cute his belly is. He just chuckled and thanked me.<br />
<br />
In the Summer, when it was hot, he would walk around the house without a shirt on, and I would take every chance I could get to pat or rub his stomach. He'd be watching TV, and I would be sitting on the ground in front of the couch, rubbing his feet, and then I would all of a sudden start rubbing his belly. He would start laughing , and tell me how good that felt. Well, it felt incredible for me as well. His stomach is where most of my sexual feelings towards him originated.<br />
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After that, whenever we were at the house, he took off his shirt. We never got sexual, but we had a very very close bond. Unfortunately he passed away about 8 months after I moved in (heart attack). God do I miss him! :(

i am alive, u sex with me.

I *********** for the first time thinking of my dad. I think i want to have sex with him.

The electra complex is normal when girls age 7 to 9 and when we reach at the age of 12 it will be resolved. But when it didn't, it is somewhat like a problem. It is not usual. Its in psychology. Better seek counsel or professional help like meeting up with a psychologist. On that way, you will understand why you have feelings like that and will help you how to resolve it.

Your dads are very lucky!

I'm so grateful I found site, and for all of you for posting on this topic! .. Thank you! =] I TRULY thought I was the only one who felt like this. Just the other day I heard about this "Electra Complex" thing, and found this site when I searched for more info on it. I've tried to express it, or at least hint about it, to other girls before, but the discussion never got very far ... either they didn't get was I was hinting at, or they choose to ignore it. Anyway, I thought maybe I was odd ... until now.<br />
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So for quite a while I've struggled with these feeling of attraction to my dad (and no, not a step-day, my real dad). When I was younger I use to pretend to have a tummy ache so he would come rub my tummy to make it "feel all better". Unfortunately that stopped a couple years ago. And these feelings have grown even more intense as I've become more sexual. I've had a couple of boyfriends I've had sex with, but more often than not the only thing that can get me to ***, either with a boy or by myself, is ... the thought of being with my dad.<br />
<br />
My mother is a nurse and started working evenings about a year ago. So most nights now it's just my dad and I alone in the house at night. When he comes home from work he's typically pretty tired and so usually just plops down in his recliner after dinner to watch TV for a couple hours. There's a couch next to the recliner which I've routinely laid on while watching TV for as long as I can remember. A few months ago I started a regular routine most nights of taking a shower after dinner and changing into my PJ shorts and a tank top, with no bra or panties, and lying on the couch while my dad watches TV. This is something I NEVER do when my mother's home, as she would often yell at me in the past if I didn't have a bra or panties on. Since I've been doing this my dad has not said one word about it. (Surely he's noticed the change right?). <br />
<br />
When I take my shower after dinner I also now leave the door unlocked, and usually a little ajar. Again, something I never do when my mom's home. Often too, since I believe my legs are one of my more attractive features, I'll put some baby oil on them after my shower so they glisten a bit more .... when I'm lying on the couch.<br />
<br />
Sometimes I pretend to be watching the TV / movie too , or reading, or even sleeping . I purposely squirm a bit ... in an effort to get him look over at me ... and I try to sneak a peek to see if I can tell if he has even the slightest erection or not. Usually it looks like he doesn't, but I swear a few times it looks like he may have had one. Many times I get especially horny and wet when a particularly sexy part of the movie of TV show comes on ... and I squirm and wiggly even more ... all the while fantasizing that maybe now, this time, he'll pick up on my flirtation and we'll both give in to it. <br />
<br />
And so it goes on .. night after night ... but so far nothing has come of it, and my frustration continues to grow. About the closest we came was .... one night after we both went to bed but before my mom came home ... I was ************, again, as usually, thinking of being with my dad. My room is next to my mom and dad's. I began to moan a little loudly ... after a couple minutes my dad knocked on my door and said "are you alright sweetie? is everything ok in there?" A little embarrassed I sheepishly replied "yeah I'm fine dad". I think about that night a lot ... if only I had said something like .... "umm... not really, could you please come in here" or something similar ... I fantasize that maybe ... just maybe something could have come of it. I've tried moaning even a bit louder other nights after that ... hoping that might draw my dad back to again knock on my door ... but he hasn't again. I like to think / fantasize also that maybe ... my dad is lying in bed too at those times ... jacking off ... thinking of me ... while he's hearing me moan.<br />
<br />
So there it is. It feels sooo freeing to finally be able to share that with SOMEBODY! My feelings and frustrations have been so bottled up for so long. My questions to you all now are .... is this what many other girls experience? Am I really abnormal? Is this something I should ever confide in my dad about? Would it be horribly wrong if we did ever act on it??? Would that make either of us a bad person? Do other girls who experience these feelings ever act on it, and if so, how does it turn out for them?? Should I be more aggressive in my flirtation / seduction? If so, how??? or what are some other ways you girls have tried or had luck with??

i dont know how to start the story i had.. i thought im alone with this feelings of electra.......

I know exactly how you feel except my dads been around forever and ive always felt like this uggghh idk what to do

Nothing you feel can be wrong, nothing you think can be wrong. Only your actions can be right or wrong.

I don't have an electra complex- I have had a similar experience involving a relative that was consensual. i assume no one in your family knows about it. How do you feel about it? I mean that sounds like a dumb question but- well if you want to talk about it further I can explain what exactly I mean with my own experience so send me a message.

your fathers are lucky men I know my daddy loves it when we have sex

I have the same problem to. My father not around most of my life and came back around the time I as in middle school but when I started high school and spent more time with him I realized I was starting to have sexual feelings toward him. And still do three years later. But I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this.

I feel the same thing. I am actually finding myself trying to arouse my father. i think we're both f***ed up. :( I dont know what to do either.