*********** In A Whole New Perspective

So im realizing that throughout my life, I have become a slave to lots of things. My latest infliction has been ***********. I've always enjoyed **** whether I was watching or creating some of my own but I usually would watch it alone. My fiancee, in the beginning would kind of shy away from watching **** with me. He would even sometimes use it as backgroud music to our sessions and when I would mention it he would tell me he doesn't need to see it and that hearing it was good enough. Well, I have been lucky enough to get him to "view **** in a whole new light" and I quote. We have been enjoying this new visual on **** for a short while and I thought I would share. So like I said, he would unattentively watch **** with me while I would look at the screen thinking to myself, "I wonder what thoughts would be going through his mind if he was watching alone and ******* off." From there I would look at the **** making mental recitations of what I thought he would be thinking and the things that would turn him on about the scene and this excited me. One day we were watching and I asked him to rub my ***** and make me *** while we watch. As he began to play with my *****, I asked hime to pretend that he was ******* off instead of playing with me and to verbalize what he thought as he watched the ****. I asked him to remove the guy from the **** and put himself in it and to let his mind run free. At first it was awkward and he was shy but the wetter my ***** got the more he talked and the more he got into it. He started saying things like "oh god baby her ***** is so wet or so tight", "im gonna *** in her mouth", "she's ******* on my ****", "baby do you like watching me **** her *****?" I have enjoyed some of the best ******* this way and so has he. We have even *** simultaneously. Im so glad we have been able to enjoy this experience time and time again. A few weeks after our first session he came to me and said, "baby I appreciate you helping me to open up. I feel closer to you and you have helped me to see **** in a whole new perspective." Advice to people who are in long term relationships, have fun, don't be shy, try new things in bed and you can have a lasting and fulfilling sex life. Thanks for reading :-)

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those who play together ;)

....stay together :-)

nice experience and you can ry the mutual ************ also which is wonderful in sharing your fantasies with each other!

Excellent! I'm happy that you have someone you can share with. What if his thoughts were really outrageous though? He might not understand your limits...or his own.

Hey daddyscott..thanks and yes we really enjoy it..and I realized what I was asking for when I asked..in your imagination..in your fantasy world..there are no limits and im comfortable with that..we have a strong foundation andd im confident in our love..this is just one of the little kinky "extras" we enjoy