I believe that  I still have the chance to say pretty much what  I feel. We havent  a  dictator as of yet but I believe we are getting  closer. Sometimes I realize that I say a little too much.- but I figure all of us have faults. IVE always been pretty outspoken but with age I have lost alot of my insecurities-ha ha !

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Thanks you guys you are great!

I always felt that if I say something bad the people I am saying it too will feel bad. I have been like that for my whole life and as I get older the more I get like that. The only one I say what I want to say is my husband, children and doggie? I never hurt them but tell them in my own words what is not good or negative and they always ask me as old as they are now. Any other person for whom I dont feel anything is just ignore or dont say anything. Funny me again!!!! Flour it is me again. I am back. I love people that want to say what they want and when. Love you too.

I feel more freedom with age-like I don't worry about what others think as much. It's a good thing, flour!

thanks to the 3 of you!!

thanks to the 3 of you!!

I appreciate your comments! Smiles

I love your free self, flour...I don't think I tell you that enough.