Gift Or Curse?

It can be a  great burden to hear the thoughts of others.

Many times you hear things you may not wish to hear.


PeaceOnEarth PeaceOnEarth
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"You've evaded the question. I see you pry into others thoughts by tapping into thier emotions. All you want is attention and an opportunity to manipulate others for your own satisfaction. What have the psychics done to aid the quest of finding solutions to global problems? Nothing. They sell themselves like prostitutes for entertainment."<br />
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I do not define myself as a "psychic". Being born with certain gifts was not my choice.<br />
"Prying into others thoughts" is not my forte', altho I am sometimes able to do so. More often I hear the thoughts of men with beer bellies who are standing in the grocery line near me. Their thoughts are intrusive and unwelcome.<br />
<br />
Few know of my gifts and I seek no attention because of having them. Never have I sold any part of myself. <br />
{unless you count my ability to communicate my self worth} <br />
How can you say I don't try and help the global situation {mother earth}?<br />
<br />
Perhaps there is much you do not know about me... <br />
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Nice to meet you.<br />
I admire the outspoken.

...nice graphics though.

I believe 'BrotherOfThe LeavZ' has seen clearly what's inside peaceonearth. <br />
<br />

What do you see within yourself, peaceonearth? <br />
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"Does this gift work through the internet too?"<br />
<br />
Not as well as face to face...

Does this gift work through the internet too?

"What do you see when you look within?"<br />
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You see what is inside whatever you are looking at ..

I had the same question that BrotherofTheLeavZ asked.