My Best Friends and Why I Love Them!

My 2 best friends are Bradley and Hope. I love them so much because they are great people to hang out with. I know if im ever upset i can go to either one of them to cheer me up! If i need big brother advice i go to Bradley. He is awesome at giving advice. They both love me very much and im so thankful for both of them!

fabulousashley fabulousashley
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2 Responses Mar 12, 2007

It is so nice to have a BFF. I use to have one. We were childhood friends. Who reconnected after many years. She was my go to chick. <br />
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Well, about 2 years ago we just stop talking. I called, emailed and wrote her but she never responded. Well, it was a great relationship and I am very happy I experienced it.

It is great to have friends like that. I have a couple of friends like that. We have stayed in touch for many years and they are the the type of people that are always there for you no matter what.