Like that's a big secret if you've read some of my posts!

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from what i've seen and dealt with, u are a bit odd and it's all good, trust me. a breath of fresh air. us ladies need more oddballs and maybe the two of u do have something in common.

Funny, similar things have been said about me. I like to read, treat women with special respect in public and just plain special in private, perhaps am a bit brighter than most. I have a, sometimes sarcastic, quick wit. And I delight in intelligent womens conversation. Guess I am kind of an oddball, eh? <br />
But then maybe she and I have a lot in common......

well she has been asked in the past if she's from another world lol. maybe that's not a good thing?

I know I would. Right now she's a universe of mysteries I want to explore. To boldly go where no man has gone before!

i think she'd like that very much.

Boy, she's never really told me about dining in groups before........... But with her all I really want is a simple meal and the pleasure of her company.

nah, i think she would prefer a meal just for two. she's probably dined in groups before and now wants to dine in a more intimate atmosphere. but maybe some chefs are used to serving groups, can't serve such a small number, you know?

Boy I'm glad you made me think of this! Maybe she wants to invite her girlfriend to our meal! I mean, I wasn't planning on it, but if it would make her happy, well, okay, I'll go along. Do you think I should ask her, or just surprise her?

maybe she wouldn't like waitresses. waiters maybe. maybe one good chef would be all that's necessary.

I asked her about that. But she said she needs to see how I cook solo. She doesn't know it but I might eventually want to bring in a guest chef for the occaisional special meal. But only if she's hungry for it. Who knows, maybe another waitress is in her plans?

maybe she's the greedy type, especially if she's been experiencing a famine all this time. it may be too much for one chef to handle, ya think? lol

More time? Do you really think that after being stuffed full for 3 or four hours she wouldn't beg for a break? At least to pee and get a glass of water. She can always have seconds or a midnight snack if she wakes up hungry.<br />
<br />
And if we decide she needs three meals a day, hot ready and waiting, she may have to keep me as her personal chef.<br />
But if she could eventually be happy with more modest meals daily, the occaisional quick snack, and a feast once a week, maybe I could hold a job when I'm not being her caterer.

that might take up more time than you have to give. what then, mister?

Well now, it's not just me! She tells me she hasn't had a truly satisfying dining experience for quite some time. When we finally meet I won't let her go hungry and I know she wants a taste of everything. She has quite a pent up appetite! But I'll feed her until she begs me to stop.

insatiable beast LOL.

I think you're right. I want her happy, so she could have every bit of it even though I'm sure it would be quite filling. After a meal like that I'd need a nap. But then I'm a glutton. I'd want it all again when I woke up!

dine with her or on her? lol. for dessert, she might like something sweet, creamy white and satisfying.

I must admit I do like to eat. I hope my EP Honey can serve me something hot and delisheous to satisfy this hunger of mine. The way I feel about her I'd want to dine with her all night long. Should I bring her something special for dessert?

you've made it more than obvious that you have enormous appetites lol

Why Miss J! Out of him, or into her? I've often wondered what that would take myself. And yes, she makes me ravenous. Do you think she could satisfy me? How did you know I'm an enormous man, you saucy girl?

tickling is a good idea! and needit, i'm sure you could eat the whole thing. you seem to be a man of enormous appetites lol

thanks smiles but i don't think he's talking about me lol. i keep trying to get him to spill the woman's identy but he won't do it. wonder what it will take to get it out of him?

Thanks Smiles. That girl I'm thinking of, she does drive me wild. And I'm hopeing, someday, to get very lucky.<br />
<br />
And Miss J. Don't start what I can't finish? Is that like "bet you can't eat the whole thing"? Oh, believe me. I could eat the whole thing and lick my lips when I'm done!

and what's wrong with that, mister? don't start it if you can't finish it. lol. the kind of spoiling you're talking about, can you blame a girl for getting hooked?

You don't think I'd be spoiling her? You know women, if you're nice just once they expect it all the time!

sounds like a plan to me. i think she'd enjoy all of that.

Oh yes. A lovely Sunday morning. Enjoying all the things we've talked about. Afterwards make her brunch in bed, and then let her sleep. She'll have earned it!

now why doesn't that surprise me? lol. but maybe she wouldn't want you to be a gentleman either.

The way I feel right now, if she was here, I might not be a gentleman!

maybe with your "hammer"? feel like pounding some nails, huh?

I'm pointing right at her! Of course, not with my hands......

hmm, i've read a few of your posts but i don't have any clue as to who you're talking about. how about a hint?