Habit Forming.

if this man were a drug, i'd be a junkie. what woman can resist a man who is charming, attentive, generous with his time, good looking and oh so sexy? that's a hard combination to resist. if i'd met men offline who gives me what he does, i'd have had alot less to complain about. he's just about the perfect package to me and has pushed buttons in me that i thought couldn't be pushed again. what's really thrilling about him is that he appeals to my mind as well as other parts of me. i've never been able to say that about a man before. 

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ah, that's life i guess. lord knows i'm not stranger to that road. actually, i missed this story when i deleted several recently. it should probably go as well.

you delete this and anything else if you feel it will help you in the long run :)

i'm sorry that things turned out the way they did, that this person let you down so badly (((((hugs!)))))

not a good option anymore, mike. it was just a fantasy.

I would suggest you friend the gentleman to see if you can get together.

LOL! if anyone would know, it's depooh and his randy co-horts

The habits possessed by our heroine make that a 24 hour a day condition! Just ask DePooh and his cohorts.

pie? cream pie maybe? lol

Pie actually. LOL!

oh, i think i can handle her. piece of cake :)

Our Heroine better not find out. She'll kick your ***.

a good match? i agree. i wrote this over a year ago and i feel as strongly as ever about the viscount :)

i loved reading this! you two have such a great rapport, banter so well together. a good match if ever i saw one :)

no more just jumping any old body. been there, done that. seems like finding the right anything is an urban myth.

i didn't know it applied to men either. guess it's true for both sexes.

There's an old saying "Get their hearts and minds, their ***** will follow".<br />
<br />
I've never thought of it applied to women before.......

i think more than a few of them do know, pix.

When they get you with your mind....they've got your body without a thought....<br />
<br />
If only more men knew this... :-)

the heroine may be a bit upset right now with the viscount, but deep down she still has the same feelings. just because you are mad at someone doesn't mean that you stop caring. the heroine was never one to turn her feelings on and off like a faucet.

Methinks our heroine might not write this same story today. The Viscount is on the **** List.

lol @ pedro. don't be shy, come on in!

your story was first? oops, my bad. lol. you could be right floyd; that job is turning me into a crazy woman. but the heroine is a special woman, needit.

You are the copy cat!!!! i had this written before you =P<br />
<br />
Oh like jerr, yep absolutely correct with all the induction process soon no one will even stand near her, oh i mean others wont want to get induced would they? =P

Ah-ha! Mr. Floyd may have many comments. But there is no one like our Heroine!

copy cat! lol

we're gaining on you, floyd lol. what story of yours has that many comments?

Hahahah this is still going on...i visited here a long time ago i guess, though you will need a 100 more comments to beat my story i guess =P

the viscount has made her realize that there are still fires burning within her, passions that she wants to share only with him. after being out of commission for so long, her slightly used body has repaired itself lol

Ah, I am sure The Viscount longs for her touch as well. For the sweet pleasures her slightly used but still lovely body can offer.

i think our heroine is more than ready, willing and able to give herself to the viscount. depooh and his cohorts just don't measure up anymore.

Sir Needem Pusee' de Labio, Viscount of Vulva, at your service M'Lady.<br />
<br />
We haven't spoken in some time. Is our Heroine ready to give herself to me? Or does she still dally with that cad, DePooh and his deviant friends?

just imagining it is making me feel better already.

When you are warm and cozy in your bed, just feel my warmth behind you and my arm holding you safe.

i think my heart just melted. aww!

Today. It will be right after you drift off to sleep.

the way i feel today, the soup and cuddling sounds very good. what time shall i expect you? lol

Twice on a good day!<br />
<br />
Or, if you don't feel good, bring you hot soup. Maybe cuddle and watch a video until you sleep.

ooh, i'll bet you could.

If you like what you've seen so far just wait until I get to show you my other skills in person!<br />
<br />
I'll wrap you around my finger! Or something!LOL!

it's the truth, hon.

Oh, now you're making me blush!<br />
<br />
Thank you Ladies.

i hear you goldie. i had to come to ep to meet a man who knows how to talk to a woman and treat her. it's a shame when a man u met on the computer has it going on more than men u meet face to face. lol

lol. hopefully i'd be feeling better than i do right now.

Yeah this is too cute Jerrica and needit. I am so jealous. i wish my dickhead husband could talk to me like this for even a day. Rock on guys!

Oh yeah. Do some serious dancing! We can Tango if you want. But if I get you in my arms The Horizontal Mambo is on my dance card with you!

when i go back and read it, it makes me smile too. and laugh. i only wish i could hold him for real.

It made me smile to no end to read this story! :) I'm really happy for you. Finding a man like that isn't always easy so hold on! x

LOL. yes and according to people here, we tango pretty good together.

Whoa! Look who's calling the kettle black!<br />
<br />
What was that schoolyard saying? "Takes one to know one."?<br />
<br />
Takes two to Tango and all that, Baby!

yes, it does sound better but we both know it's one and the same lol

That sounds so much better than "smartass", don't you think?

lol. yes, very much a wise guy.

Nah. Just a wise guy with the hots for my EP Honey!

being aroun the viscount, i've learned the art of banter and a few other things too. he's a wise man.

Wow....you two sure know how to banter back and forth..lol

It's always Ladies choice.

guess i'll have to take my punishment then lol

You'll have no choice. It will be your punishment, or reward, for a life of crime.<br />
<br />
"If you can't do the time (with me), don't do the crime."<br />
<br />
Too late. You're busted.

LOL! funny walk? now why on earth would i be walking funny? hmmm...

No. Just you. They have to get their own Viscounts. And your life of crime may have to stop. You would be to easy to pick out of a line-up with your funny walk.

i'll bet you'd like to make it a party with my co horts lol. seeing me smile? awww! that alone makes me smile.

Well, I'd like to be generous and invite your friends too. But I'm really more of a one masked woman man.<br />
Sure of myself? Certainly. Even surer of seeing you smile? Absolutely.

pretty sure of yourself, huh? i wouldn't be fair for my partners to do all the work while i'm having fun, would it? oh, they probably wouldn't mind lol

I'd like to manipulate you right into my bed! As partners commit multiple depraved acts and maybe a couple illegal ones. And I think both of us would enjoy every minute of it!

alot robyn, if u can keep needit from buying them all up lol. mr. perfect, manipulator, you're a jack of all trades!

Wait a minute! I've gone from being Mr."Perfect Package" to being a master manipulator of pink masked guinea pig bank robbers. How did this happen?

really? thats great TRW. but i still think this one is using me as his guinea pig. practice for his romance writing career lol. hey mister, even us bank robbers still want some romantic gestures. pink masks? damn our secret is out!

Boy, here all along I was thinking romance. Flowers, candlelight dinners, some good wine. I've been such a fool!<br />
<br />
I think I've fallen in with bad company! Miss J, LLL, Krypton, a band of Bad *** Bank Robbers! Do ya'll wear pink masks?

jerrica, enjoy this new feeling, friend. EP is great for bring people together. :) Me and my mikal met here.

i'd also rob a bank if i could get away with it lol. triple L is off the chain lol. if u buy all the tickets, it'll cost u big. so bring your american express card. don't leave home without it! lol

Well now. You've answered my question twice! "Would you...for money?".<br />
I hope I can afford ALL the tickets because I want you for myself. I can't compete with LLL, but if a man can win you I want to be him.

the freaks come out on thursday as well as wednesday, huh? lol if we sold tickets we could make a mint! i don't know about u but i could use the extra money. lol

Maybe there's a way to sell tickets to this event.........Hmmmm.......<br />
<br />
Welcome to Perv Thursday!

krypton, you're a voyeur too? lol

I will join in on the watching bench.

you two are off the chain! lol

Oh yeah. If I ever get that girl in my arms it would take a whole lot of cold water to make us stop!

well im with jerr... it will cost you. but i really think, from the looks of it, i should be the one watching....

I've got "big" for ya right here! Bring what you got on over and I'll show ya'.<br />
I don't think LLL is too much. Sounds just about right to me! Except you two won't let The Viscount watch....

lol. hey these are tough times. a girls gotta do what she's gotta do. it'll cost u big to watch lol. triple l u are too much!

You wouldn't even let me watch? I don't charge like SOME PEOPLE.

well he can propose all he wants lol. 3 ways for me are a thing of the past. and i meant needit could wait outside my dear. ;o)

no toto, far from it lol

It takes a bit to make the Viscount blush but it seems we're not in Kansas anymore.

ooh no u didn't triple l. did that mean what i think it did?? i think the viscount is proposing a 3 way lol

lol... i dont share easily needit... you may have to wait outside for this one

It seems the devious,but handsome, Viscount may be overwhelmed by two plucky, yet sensual, Heroines. A challenge indeed! Can he survive the demands of facing two such sweet, yet carnal, young Heroines? Or will they, with their combined powers, enslave the Viscount to their desires?

hahahahahaha! i like penetrate better.

would he make a mint writing novels or what? i don't know about that impaled thing either. depends on what you're impaling with lol. i think the viscount is more open minded than the grand canyon is wide lol

impaled is a word that doesnt get to me... it sounds too painful, (i can be kinky) but thats a scary word. write it again with out impaled