Sorry no name calling, can you guess?













It just might not be the obvious answer you are thinking x






Clues : Its a girl, already commented on the story, has "r" in her username. These clues are enough!

Floydian Floydian
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Hehehe lol yes I am innocent! :D

This is so so so innocent. *misty eyed*


Well I dont see any reason for you to think otherwise! ;)

Doggone it and I thought it was me! :(

Hehe well I have to up!!!! Dont make me blush!!!!!!! lol!

Wow I can't believe it was almost a year ago :) you have another crush..ummm do we need to start guessing again :P

Hmmmm these days were some of the best...its almost been an year...freakish..


Its fine if only "a" woman knows sweetheart...not good if all know... :P

Oh hunny come on....a woman knows my dear.

And your comment just made something obvious!!!!! >_

I haven't spilled anything! I'm not the one who told who you had the crush on. And, I said I believe you have a few crushes. You never told me you did. So you just told on yourself.

Erm..will you just go around spilling my secrets to everyone today? :/

whatever! I think you have a few crushes.

Yeah..whatever, who knows I am lying! :P


Erm. ok..the cats out of bag anyways!

Saratoga Girl

Damn you keep your long mouth with big teeth shut!!!!!!!!!!!

This is still going? Well floydian did you tell the poor girl yet? Because I do remember figuring out! I still have the message!

Hehehe, someone is elated! :P

Time for some stewed rabbit here. Hmmmm, here's a recipe for lapin au vin blanc....<br />
<br />
here floydian, floydian, floydian....

A sis as a crush aint that good! :P

Ok let me update this story a little and I cent percent promise you that the clues will have full info on who it is.

And yet he still won't indulged us!!!

Lol no bad man no bad. :-)

Dude that is what I said, I would not WANT to disagree! ;)

Thank you dude, people seem to be inquisitive as to who I have hots for, but I wont WANT to disagree with what you said! ;)

Night too!

:) night. GL guessing everyone!

Lol, I saw that already :)

I am going to pm you.

Can i just know one thing? Where the heck have you got this creativity from? Could you pass me some? <br />
<br />
SS, sweetheart she is my ep sister.

Yes. I think you are right. Because you are confusing me. You Hmmmm??? But then don't tell me why you are Hmmmming! So rude of you. By the way is it SS??

I think you should go to bed hon?

I don't know. You tell me.


*raises eyebrow at you*

I.....was just suggesting a possibility you see!

Oh yes. As if I'd believe that one. I should think you would have caved into my curiosity and total cuteness and told me by now if that were it. hehe.

Your name has a 'r' too! mwahaha! :P

Oh well I was gonna settle on drew. Well I'll never find out. :(

I had said probably x

Oh wait it was someone that had already commented on this post....


Hmmm ok, let me see, their avtar name has a 'r' in it!<br />
<br />
And that is the last clue x

And it begins again. We need you to give clues for the newcomers!!

I think so bebe! But you cant say when elf's still here. Lol!<br />
<br />
Nuevo darling, I think we had skipped dinner for more important matters at hand! ;)<br />
<br />
Shhhhh brwn, she just pinned me down!<br />
<br />
Magic? Like what sara?<br />
<br />
Come on, start naming. LOL!<br />
<br />
Marcus dude you are pretty much correct, but like I mentioned there is a non obvious contender too, this is about them. :)<br />
<br />
Snowy, no name calling, sorry.<br />
<br />
Fg, you are a curious one arent you? :P

I will be VERY surprised if it isn't LookHowTheyShine...<br />
<br />
...because she is my guess regarding his crush...<br />
<br />
ElFloydiano? Your thoughts? :0

Type your comment here...

Is it me?

I want to know.

Go ahead and guess Marcus :) <br />
<br />
Come on Floyd...who?

Oh, I am so itchin' to guess it....:P

I am back......... anyone here now?

OK, Elf-loydian... now that you are still an elf, I want you to do some magic like Elfie does!

Looks like you are in a compromised situation.

Umm Floyd...just spill it! We are all waiting to hear...please :)

Nuevo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
I though I did buy you the costly wine you had asked for, why do this to me? :(


haha. Only if it was someone not famous. lol. But yeah I can imagine. Did she make u tell her who it was?

Ok, just imagine you husband saying he has hots for someone else, and then imagine the trouble you will give him, maybe same?

yes ineed. But you have yet to tell me what kind of trouble you are in mister.

Sorry, you know the complications involved!


This one will make it 162

Because 160 comments later there are no results.

Haha how comes a change of heart?

OK, Elfie... he can stay and elf if he wants to.


c'mon sweetie, out with it!

Yep I am talking about shine, nope the girl does not know, yet at least!

Are you talking about shine? Cause I was wondering if the girl you have the hots for knows yet. I will be praying for you btw. Tell me how it goes. You should get on YM and tell me.

She is going to make me walk the plank and get the secret out, she is online, so in about 15 minutes from now she will know! pray for me! :(

Ohhh. You sneaky sneaky floydian. At least tell me if she knows.

Hmm ok 5 and half and thats a deal now!

as long as its within a decent amount of time. Not 6 months from now!!!

Hmmm, eventually can be anytime right?

Okay okay. How about you just agree to tell me eventually?

Hehe, i want to tell you but.... :(

lol. well I'm waiting anyway.!

I'm waiting. And r u saying that shine knows??

Hehe ok ciao elf!

Ok it was guessed at a point, I do agree. But I am sorry, I'll pm you if its ok with shine! :)

There is his answer.........<br />
So continue guessing...........and he remains an elf until a later time.......... I must go take care of some worldly problems.......... I shall return later

You are not being honest. You said it was someone on here that has commented. If you go through the comments. Every female that has commented this post has been named.

I cant say the name! :(<br />
<br />
And no one has it guessed!

To keep the mystic qualities and to build your powers of magick as an Elf or return to Floydian... that is the question