I Love Sneezing

I think being a photic sneezer is fantastic! Now I guess not many other people out there would still think I'm sane after saying that but I'm sure some of you guys on here must agree with me? I just love to sneeze, the great British weather is not the best, but when it's sunny outside, I will stand by the back door or in the yard and face the sun until I sneeze. If it's not sunny then the bright halogen lights in the kitchen will sometimes work, but not always. The worst thing about it ever is when you're just on the verge of sneezing and then it "goes away", what a cheated feeling!


Anyway the question I have is this: I have always been a photic sneezer and have always had about 4 sneezes when I start, sometimes a few more or less BUT in the last 5 years or so (I'm now 41) after I finish sneezing, about a minute later I do it all over again. I can't help it, it seems to be part of the same reflex cycle After the first batch of roughly 4 sneezes, I feel as though I have finished and certainly don't feel I still need to carry on, then a minute later it all comes back again, usually however the second batch has fewer sneezes in it but not always. On rare occasions this will all happen 4 or 5 times in a row but the later batches will all have fewer sneezes in them. Am I the only one who experiences this? What I also wonder is as this has (fairly) recently happened will I continue to sneeze more and more as I get older? if it does, I can imagine needing to move somewhere where it always rains so I don't spend several hours a day sneezing - even though I love it, I'd just never get anything done!

 In the last few years I have also started to wake myself up at night wanting to sneeze, this certainly can't be photic sneezing but must be connected in some way. I have never yet sneezed my self awake (the thought does make me laugh though) but this does seem to come and go in phases, lasting maybe  2 to 3 weeks of "night sneezing" and then none for a month or so. And no I don't sneeze in batches in the night, usually just 2 good sneezes then I can go back to sleep again.

No one else in my family shares any of my "problems" but my eldest brother sneezes when he's hungry - now that's just weird!

I would like to know if anyone else sneezes in batches, please feel free to email me if any of this sounds like you, I can't be the only one who does this but I just don't know any other photic sneezers to ask.

 Happy sneezing,




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Hi Mike<br />
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Only just saw your post. I'm a photic sneezer (of course, otherwise I wouldn't be here) and like you it runs in my family, and also like you, it tends to come in bursts. <br />
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For me the number of sneezes is at least partly determined by the situation. When I first go out into the sunshine - especially in summer - there will usually be 4, 5 or 6 sneezes. If I go out again, there will usually only be 2 (but 2 seems to be my minimum). It also depends on the intensity of the light and where it comes from, so if it's sun reflected off snow or a wet roadway, there will be more sneezes. <br />
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Interesting experience with cutting out sugar. I don't have running noses or allergies or anything, so I suppose that's to be counted as a blessing!

Well here's a bit of an update on the "batch sneezing" issue. A few months ago I had a severe bout of tonsilitis. I decided I should try and eat more healthy foods, cut out as much sugar as I could etc to try to boost my immune system. About a week after cutting out all the sugar I stopped sneezing in batches but what was even better was that whilst I had previously been used to a regularly runny nose every day, I now hardly ever seem to suffer from one. To me this is all more than coincidence, I still sneeze - yippee - but everything now seems to me to be very normal again.

Mike, I too have always been able to sneeze by looking at bright light, be it the sun or artificial. And I also think it's great! To be able to sneeze when needed and clear the head is wonderful. I didn't realize it was a condition that effects only a low percentage of people. I thought everyone could do it and that I was just addicted to it. My college age son, who can also do this after I taught him when he was young one time when he complained that he wanted to sneeze but couldn't, told me it had a name and has been known since Aristotle's time! My Father can also do this and that may be where I picked it up.<br />
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I also sneeze in batches now sometimes, it drives my husband crazy with the Bless You's, haha, I tell him now one is just fine. This did increase as my age did. I don't find it a problem except maybe when I have a head cold and my poor nose is raw from blowing :P I've never woken up to sneeze though.<br />
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So you're not alone in your batch sneezing :)