Solar Sneezer

when i feel a sneeze coming on i always look into a light & it makes it sneeze out faster.  i thought most people were able to do that.  but my boyfriend saw me staring at the light making a funny face yesterday & had no clue why it would make me sneeze.  i looked it up on wiki & only about 18% of people have this.

i love it.  i can quickly get rid of any irritation in my nose by looking at a light.  but my boyfriend has to just twitch his nose & feel uncomfortable until his body makes him sneeze. 

i never realized how convienient it is to be a solar sneezer!!

samjam samjam
22-25, F
2 Responses Mar 6, 2010

I just found out too! As you, I thought everyone could do it. I even taught my son to do it when he was young and complaining that he had to sneeze and couldn't, so I guess he got it from me, who maybe got it from my Dad, who can also do it! It's a family affair :)

It happens to me, too. My boyfriend and many of my friends also look at me funny when I stare at the light to sneeze and they just believe I'm crazy. Today I found out it is not just me and that I'm not insane :)