The Journal Of A Slave I Met Online Today

He sent me a message asking to be considered as a slave of mine. I replied that we must talk on messenger first, to see if he would do. One hour later, he had totally surrendered. I asked him to start a journal about his experience. And this is his first post:

5/4/2012 3:34:00 PM

what to say? thats the first journal i ever wrote!

let me start by saying that domination "real domination" exist!

i was a virgin slave till today! ive met a GODDESS who hypnotized me! with few words she told me she paralyzed me for an hour! she crushed into my mind with bear hands as she said! until now i cant understand what happened to me! I am not me anymore! i went crazy! I became a damn thing!!! As my GODDESS said less than animal...

i couldnt feel my body! i couldnt feel anything! it was so strange! and now im trying to analyze what happened to me! while im still laying in the same situation! she made me hers! she manipulated me! she controlled my mind! i had my ****** in my pants without ************!

in conclusion I realized, like i was born with slave desires, and im naturally slave, there is out there natural GODDESS with power above humans power!

i wont express how she did it because none of you can do it! its her! its the GODDESS!

I adore her! I am hers!
CruelGoddess CruelGoddess
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2 Responses May 4, 2012

what an amazing response tottally arousing

This is the women magic that we, males, will never understand. that why we can only adore, obey and serve.