Top 10 Indicators That the Economy Is Bad:


  -CEO’s and doctors are now playing miniature golf.  


-You get a pre-declined credit card in the mail.  

-You go to buy a toaster oven and they give you a free bank with it.  

-Obama met with small business (GM, Chrysler, Citibank, Pfizer) to discuss the Stimulus Package.  

-McDonalds is selling the ¼ ouncer.  

-People in Beverly Hills have fired their nannies and are learning their children’s names.  

-The most highly paid job is now jury duty.  

-Mothers in Ethiopia are telling their kids finish their plate because there are starving children in America .  

-If the bank returns your check marked as “insufficient funds” you have to call them and ask if they meant you or them.  

And my favorite…  


-Motel Six won’t leave the lights on anymore

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1 Response Aug 22, 2009

This makes me sad.