I Have The Secret To A Longer Youth


Well actually they're not secrets many people know, but they just ignore them for endless reasons.

   EXERCISE at least 3x a wk.

           DRINK at least 8 oz. glasses of WATER daily

                      SLEEP AT LEAST 8 hrs a day (I sleep 10 hrs a day..x)) when we're asleep our body regenerates. google it!

                              EAT MORE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES

    DRINK TEA!!!! OMG!                                   2 cups of tea = 7 servings of fruit/ vegetables, which prevent our cells from dying..it keeps our cells alive           longer. IT helps our cells regenerate so we can have younger, healthier skin, and body.

                                   ALSO WEAR SUNGLASSES if you're gonna drive.

                                           WEAR SUNSCREEN AT LEAST A 15 SPF

26-30, F
Mar 13, 2010