It's Rare

They don't come out often though.  I think I've only screamed that way twice or three times in my whole life.  I have to be absolutely horrified beyond belief for those kind of screams to come out.  All in all, it's hard because it's not easy to terrify me that badly.  Only one person or two heard those terrifying screams of mine and they both said that my screams are a million times worse than those that you hear in the horror movies.  Including the torture movies.

Haha, yeah.  Random experience, I know.

deadmoon deadmoon
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7 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Heh.. alright.

Nothing. :/<br />
Ask Nora or Spencer. My making noises is pretty... typical of me. They're used to it now.

I think it's cute,, but really, sometimes I wonder just what ARE you doing..

What? O.O


O.O<br />
<br />
Maybe that's a 24/7 thing of mine?

You know.. you make many random sounds when we talk on the phone..<br />
...makes me wonder what you're doing o.O<br />
Makes me wonder if I want to know...