I Have the Soulmate Blues

Have you always been away?  Will you never come my way and make my day?  I was told by a psychic once that my soulmate in this lifetime died at the age of 6 months and I'm doomed to go thru this life alone.  And, I was naive enough to pay her? 

There are soulmates at every corner we turn in our lives.  We just have to recognize them and be open enough to allow them into our scabbed over hearts.
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5 Responses May 15, 2007

Thanks Ladee but I just can't do it. It's old news under the bridge and all that stuff - he'd have to show me somethin' really new! What if after all these years we couldn't stand each other? What if it's all been a dream? Something would have to happen that would just knock my gut feeling for a loop! Remember the old butterflies - well, I don't think they are there anymore.

By now I'm scared to realize! I could go home and marry my childhood sweetheart - we have been in love since I was 7 and he 11 - OMGoddess. But, if I did that, I bet it would ruin a wonderful friendship and that would be worse than anything I can think of. At this point, we are "in love" with an image that goes back to teenage years. He looked like Elvis and I looked like Doris Day or Hayley Mills he says. We have both had such different lives. He still lives in the house where he grew up. I have been all over the USA and lived many places and done many adventures. And, another thing, he talks about it but has never once asked me to marry him - I think he's chicken too! LOL

I'm forever the optimist even after my girlfriends and sister tell me they'll never have another husband if the one they have dies or is gone from them. They are all tired of their men - how does this happen? I wish there were a formula for picking out a soul mate! So many questions and so many times they aren't the right questions to ask. Wish me luck - I'm meeting a new one for dinner on Thurs night. Mox

What a cruel "psychic"!!<br><br />
I know where my soulmates are, I just need to convince them of their meaning in my life. One's a musician in a "famous" band who just learned email, his ex-wife is a mess of a woman, screwing with their baby's image of "a man". I just wanna hug my boys tight.

Sometimes it's the bad news we believe the most readily. <br />
<br />
I'm glad that you recognize that there's more than one soulmate in life for each of us. As a book I read (Stumbling on Happiness) points out: people are actually FAR more similar/alike then they are dissimilar; scientifically, that is. If such is the case, then you are literally correct. There are soulmates waiting around every corner for us. I've also heard it said, "better single than sorry." My experience having been married once certainly bears that advice out. Better to wait as long as it takes to find one of those people who really makes us happy then to waste our time on anything and anyone less.