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I'm 18 almost 19, I guess you can say I can read people easily, like I can tell their emotions even when they try to hide it. Like my friend Caitlin, I met her last year, My senior year, she always kind of kept things to herself. When I first saw her she was one of those people where your like, I know I know her/him and you cant remember. (She rode my bus.)
At first she thought I was weird but then as we got to know each other we started hanging out more often. We ate lunch together in the band hall only because the table that we were originally sitting at drove us both nuts. Later during the year she always tried to hide her emotions which, I wasn't always right about the emotions but I was almost always right when I knew either something was up or something was wrong. I found out a bit later that we weren't really all that different. We listen to the same music, watched almost the same stuff, ok that was the only thing that was different was the stuff we watched. I watched ABC Family and she would watch The Simpsons, old cartoon show that still plays. Any ways you get the point, I guess that all I have to say At the moment.
jac0794 jac0794
22-25, F
Jun 19, 2013