My Children Astound Me!! But I Am Bias ;)

Alright, most of us believe are children are phenomenal, or at least I hope we do. My two sons never cease to AMAZE me, with thoughts that go beyond even my own considerations (probably the wrong word, heck where are my kids when I need them, lol)

Recently my eldest son (just turned 13) was asking me about Wills. His Great Aunt passed away just over a year ago, and I assume that, that is the first time he ever heard of the words; Will and Inheiritance. Well his grandfather has very little time left on this planet, so one day out of the blue he started asking me about my Father's Will. He knows that my parents are extremely well off, so he was trying to figure out how that may or may not affect him. Well my father has said that he has provided each grandchild with a trust fund but I did not tell my son that, I chose to explore his questions in the hypothetical.

So we started speaking about my father's will and I asked my son *let's say Granpa has left you 50,000.00 what would you do with that?* Well the sum is much larger than that, but to disclose the real sum would be of no benefit because at his age he would not beable to understand the actual amount so I thought saying 50,000.00 would allow him to know that it was substancial and at the same time allow it to be a sum that perhaps he could grasp. I asked him what he would do with the money. Never letting on that the real amount is in trust so he could not use it until he was older.

He pondered the question for a bit, than stated he wasn't sure. I asked him what was so difficult about figuring out where he would spend the money, his answer quite literally FLOORED me.

This VERY young man, stated that he would have to think long and hard about how he would spend the money. When I asked him why, he stated, *well first it is not really my money, SO I would have to be sure that whatever I chose to spenfd the money on, it would be something that would HONOUR Grandpa*

OMG, now to me, that seems incredibly INSIGHTFUL and UNSELFISH. I know if the same question was asked of me at the age of 13, I sincerely doubt I would come out with that answer. I doubt that any of my siblings would think of it that way either.

So through the eyes of babes, I learn again NEVER to under-estimate them and to ALWAYS remember, that whatever I teach them, they in return teach  me too.

A BLESSING is an under statement for my little miracles. A GIFT from GOD, is what they are .... oh please insert your own term for God, that is the word I use.

AlwaysRemembers AlwaysRemembers
41-45, F
May 20, 2007