I Need To Get Away From Where I Am Now

I told someone the other day that i self harm, even then i did not know that that is what it was, I know that i hurt her feelings and I'm terribly sorry for that. It released a whole load of emotions inside me though, emotions that Ive been hiding inside for so long. See I'm trapped where i am, there's negative energy around me, everywhere i turn.
This person though because i told her how i really felt, it made me realize what i wanted in life. I want a life where I'm not being undermined all the time. I want a life where i can make my own choices and not be told that what I'm deciding to do is wrong, I want a life where i can actually think about me and my life only. I know that i have family but i need to get away from them and get a life for myself.
This woman that i told she was great, she was understanding and she confided in her co-worker who has helped me to realize that what I'm doing is wrong and that i should be able to things for myself. Just going a few miles from where i live, i mean about 30miles, my mind went clear for once i had no problems, no worries, nothing. It was like i needed a new direction and moving on with my life is really helping and its all down to the work pro gramme that I'm on at the minute. See even though I'm self harming I'm dealing with my problems in a way that i can cope and that's all that matters.
scream19 scream19
22-25, F
May 16, 2012