Things Are Uside Down...

I feel ike everytime I make an improvement more things happen to me that just knock me down. I feel hopeless some days and then guilt. Guilty because there are so many other poeple in the world who have it far worse than I do, I have a nice home, a family who cares about me (most of them anyway), a great boyfriend... yet I feel the urge to cut a lot. I gave in about a week ago and now I want to do it over again. Just release all my stress and anger onto myself so that I don't snap at people I care about. I really don't know what to do most days other than put on a shiny happy face for those around me so that they can think that I am alright. Most days I'm not alright. I'm not.
laurenmargaret71810 laurenmargaret71810
18-21, F
1 Response May 11, 2012

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