I Want To So Bad, But I Made A Promise.

I want to self injure so bad. I miss the rush of the cold blade sliding into my warm skin. I miss the crimson blood dripping from my arm. But I made that promise to Patrick. I do not regret it, I do not know, I just need it. It is like a new drug, twice as addictive as anything else. Self harming is my heroine. I need it, but I cannot break my promise.
Kayleelovesbubby Kayleelovesbubby
18-21, F
1 Response May 24, 2012

I want both of you to promise that you will not do this. I care about you and I trust you but I do not trust your addiction. Here is the thing and there is really no way to get around it. You can cut yourself, you can attempt suicide. You might even succeed. But you will be hurting the people that love you. Your enemies won't know it or won't care. <br />
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Trust me live with the pain of not being able to talk to my niece. I am praying that she is in a better place. I would be hurt if something happened to you. I am not just saying tht either.

I know, I promised you and Patrick. I'm not going to. It's been about a month now.

I am proud of you and I know it takes a lot of courage. But remember depression self harm are symptoms of anger turned inward.

I know. I care about you like family, and Patrick may not remember me much, but if he still remembers the promise, then I have to keep it.