Once When I Felt Like, I Wrote :

She's back, and she's strong.
The urges have started again, and they are more influential than they have ever been before.
The emptiness leads to madness, which can only be made to feel sane by this.
I've slipped already.. sliced myself up with a knife.. but that's only because it was the sharpest thing i could find. It would have been much worse otherwise.
Why the **** is this happening to me again?

My relationship is perfect, i'm getting the best of both worlds, my friends are happy, I'm not fighting with anyone, my parents are working things or at least trying to be nice and cordial with each other..

But somehow the negativity beats all of this. I can't get over the pain. It makes me feel heartless, soul-less, emotionless, but yet overwhelmed by them.

I want these feelings and urges to just get OUTof my life. Please. It's been like forever, It has been so damn long. Just get the **** out and leave me and my life alone!!

I wish..

I wish..
ShadowsAndLights ShadowsAndLights
18-21, F
Aug 15, 2012