It's An Urge I Must Satisfy...

At first i did it out of anger, then frustration but now it's only because i enjoy the pain, it's like my own personal drug, a sense of euphoria I've never felt before and i have no intention of quitting. I have the words alone in the end carved into my arms and i stare at them daily as if to remind myself of how true it is.

The sight of the blood dripping down my arm to me it's so beautiful. at first the scars on my arms would make me feel ashamed and i would try to hide them, but now it's like they are a part of my identity and i accept them as they are.

what others think doesn't have any affect on me, my dad even tried to his all the razors and blades as if i wouldn't find another way.

it's a part of who i am, a part of me i accept and love.
VoicelessVoid VoicelessVoid
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2013