Nothing But Respect

Even if I don't necessarily agree with their religion, I do respect them and all that they do.

My parents went to catholic school. They told me stories about how the nuns would hit them. Not all of them were mean, but some of them were nasty. That has changed over the years.

My dad defied the system. He always protested catholic school and how strict it was. He was a troublemaker.

Sister Collette told my father's mother that he wasn't fit for catholic school and kicked him out. My dad continued education in public school.

This is the same Sister Collette who watched my mom die at the catholic house for the terminally ill. She is a staff member or volunteer there.. not sure, but she is always there...

She told me stories about my dad and my mom. How my dad was a little devil troublemaker and how my mom was a sweet, behaved girl.

My dad asked Sister Collette if this was her first student that she had to witness die... she said yes.

At my mother's wake, she told me to visit her anytime at the hospice house and I just might. I'm not allowed to volunteer there yet. It's like a rule... you have to wait a year before a loved one dies before you can volunteer.. to give you time to grieve.

Isn't it ironic though how my mom's teacher from 7th grade was the same woman who had to witness her death?

When my mom had a hospital stay, a nun would visit her everyday and gave her a necklace. She died with that necklace on.

It was Sister Ida who got her into that house that she died in. She spent her last four days there. Without Sister Ida's generosity, we would have been screwed. At the house, they put my mom out of pain and let her die peacefully. We wouldn't have been able to do that ourselves.


The house is surrounded by a nunnery. The hour before my mom died, me and my sister took a walk through the nunnery. A nun stopped us and talked to us for a while. Then we continued walking around the property. She was always there.. we ran into her twice since the talk, and she waved each time. It was creepy. When we got back to the house, my mom's cousin was telling us to come quick and she was crying... mom was taking her last breaths.

I do respect nuns for all they do. They live a life of service and of peace. Even if I don't agree with their religion, they do more good than any of us combined. They have all my respect.

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I went to catholic school all my life and I agree. I had great memories of unconditional generosity and benevolence with the most needed. I definately remember the strict ones but the nice ones would take all that away with their nurturing ways and loving advice. I know I kept myself out of trouble for many years just by listening to their sincere talks.