What Is Really Going On....please Help Me

okay so the last two weeks about 4 times a week i have similar dreams, there not exactly the same but they have the same basic concept, and its with different men everytime.  So, basicly i'm pregnat, or someone in my immediate circle of friends or family thinks i'm pregant, regaurdless, I'm not and I know I'm not becuase in my dreams there is always something that happens where I need to have my blood drawn, and there is always a pregnacy test done, so I know for sure I'm not....because everyone keeps telling me I am, My body gets convinced that I am, and I gain weight, and start to get a belly and everything, so It makes me crazy in my dream that I get pregnat somehow, by the end of it someone is usually trying to hurt me, and all i keep saying is "please no, I'm going to have a baby" and then I wake up.  It's always different people telling me I'm pregnat, and by a different guy, and someone else is trying to hurt me, what is going on? please help me! Just some basics about me.  I'm single, I have been for almost a year, I was engaged for two years, I have never been pregnat, and I'm in the military.
aicarman1314 aicarman1314
22-25, F
Aug 6, 2007